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ScreenKlean Review 2022: Does This Screen Cleaner Work?

ScreenKlean Reviews


Have you also ever faced a situation where your mobile phone screen turned completely blind?

Did you also notice some harsh scratches on your mobile or laptop screen?

Also, can you ever imagine how many bacteria and harmful germs roam around your phone’s screen?

However, In most cases, individuals clean their screens with a piece of a rag, newspaper or some other things etc.

For all these problems, we have a great solution for you here.

All you need to do is to get your hands on a ScreenKlean mobile phone screen cleaner.

What is ScreenKlean?

The ScreenKlean is a chemical-free cleaning pad that is generally used to clean objects like mobile or laptop screens.

This is advanced cleaning technology. It can be used for multi-purposes.

Other than that, it is extremely easy to use and overall a good investment of money.

In addition to this, It is also being considered as the most convenient way to keep your mobile phone clean as a whole.

Although they can also be used on different types of screens.

How Does ScreenKlean Work?

Let’s just have a look at how exactly ScreenKlean works.

The ScreenKlean functions on a particular term. It’s a kind of small cleaning pad, which has carbon molecule technology.

So, initially, the producers of the ScreenKlean produce a carbon molecule, which eventually wipes all the dirt out of your screen from hand to hand.

  • At first,
  • It attracts dirt, dust and other small particles from your screen.
  • It also grabs and holds on to the grimy particles out of your screen.
  • It also vanishes different fingertips or any other strains out of your screen.
  • Hence, this is how carbon molecule technology works.

What Are The Features of Screenklean?

The multiple features of ScreenKlean are listed below as follows –

  • It has carbon molecular technology

Carbon molecular bases technology plays a very crucial role.

For example, just like the other rag, it doesn’t mess up with the dust.

However, this technology helps to maintain the sharpness, clarity and overall lifts away from the dust.

  • It helps to reduce the bacteria

Using the ScreenKlean is something that helps to reduce the bacteria that roam around your phone. It is said to be the best for children and kids.

A person touches their phone at least 2000 times a day.

After using the screenklean you’ll feel much safer than the ordinary screen cleaning cloth.

  • It has replaceable and rechargeable pads

After a long period of the ScreenKlean pads get quite dirty.

So in that case, you can just get your pads replaced.

Hence they are also rechargeable. Hence, these features make them run long-lasting.

  • They are Eco-friendly

These cleanings are eco-friendly to nature.

Thus, using these screen cleaners is eventually doing a favour for mother earth.

As they are reusable so you don’t have to throw them away after just one use.

Hence, it is an environmentally safe product.

  • It comes in Different Varieties

As it comes in different themes and colours, the consumers find their enthusiasm for buying one such product.

It makes the product more vulnerable.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of ScreenKlean?

There are always some loopholes in most of the aspects.

Here are some specific pros and cons of ScreenKlean are listed below –


  • They have their own patented technology.
  • It’s eco-friendly.
  • It’s small and compact.
  • It doesn’t smear the dust, it just lifts away all the dust, oil and grime as well.
  • This idea replaces the notion of traditional cleaning pieces of equipment, which we used to use earlier.


  • The cleaning pads can sometimes get broken while opening the product.

How To Use The ScreenKlean?

If you have purchased a ScreenKlean for yourself then you have to read the instruction for how to use these such products for a better understanding.

First of all, you just have to simply remove the cap and eventually it’ll reveal the cleaning pads.

Further from this, you can use this cleaner to clean your screen or other objects.

Although you can also use this cleaner to clean your iPad screen as well.

The very next step after this would be to put the pad back in the cap.

It’ll instantly recharge itself so you can use it for the next time.

This pad works in a way that it’ll clung all the dirt from the pad and replaced it with the new carbon molecules.

What Is The Price Of ScreenKlean?

The whole pricing is so vulnerable and affordable as well for many sections of society.

You can buy this just at $20 with free shipping.

They also offer a 1-year warranty to their consumers.

This is the bumper offer for genuine consumers.

Other than that, they also give a 30-days money-back guarantee to all.

So, you can just purchase this product from Amazon or from the official website of ScreenKlean.

Where To Buy The ScreenKlean?

That is the most obvious and repeatable question been arose in the mind of common people that what would be the right place to order or buying one ScreenKlean for themselves.

Thus, The answer is so simple.

There are a couple of online platforms such as Amazon.

Other than that you can just simply place your order from the official website.


Conclusively, after reading the article yet, you must be so sure to get your hands at these products.

As are we living in the 21st century where technology is at its peak and setting new records than before every time in the field of technological developments.

Thus, we can’t clean our screens with a regular touch of 19th-century technologies of cleaning gadgets screen.

Overall, after reading the article yet you must be sure for grabbing one ScreenKlean for yourself.

This screen cleaner is way too effective for everybody because there is hardly anyone who is being left from the technology.

Even though after the whole coronavirus pandemic, many people are more inclined towards digitalization and online mode of everything.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Is ScreenKlean good?

The ScreenKlean is absolutely good, safe and secure for its consumers.

It doesn’t even leave any remarks on your screen and any sort of scratches.

So, ultimately buying the ScreenKlean is a good investment for the future.

  • How Much Does ScreenKlean Cost?

The interested consumers can buy a ScreenKlean cleaning pad at $15.99 from a number of online platforms.

They also do provide discount offers on orders over $25.99.

Moreover, with the services of amazon prime, you can also get the fastest delivery possible with having a prime membership.

  • How Do You Clean The Screen Of A Tablet?

Cleaning the screen of a tablet becomes very much simple with a ScreenKlean.

It has an embedded soft pad that cleans the object wonderfully.

Can I Use Eyeglass Cleaner On My Tablet?

A person should never use the eyeglass cleaner over a laptop or tablet screen.

As some amount of alcohol is being used to clean eyeglasses, sunglasses and DVDs etc.

  • Is Screenklean Actually Used By NASA?

The answer is yes. NASA does use the Screenklean technology for their own goodwill.

The properties of carbon cleaning technology just simply allow the astronauts to use this ScreenKlean to remove all the sticky dust particles.

Thus, this technology is also useful for astronauts.

  • How Much Cleaning Can I Get Out Of Each Carbon Pad Before Needing To Replace It?

As per each cleaning pad, you can approximately get 150 cleanings. Though each cleaning also depends upon the size and recharging volume of the pad.

However further, you have to just recharge your claiming pad from the charger socket. Then it’ll again be used in the cleaning process.

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