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SmartDot Reviews – Best EMF Solution for your cell phone?

SmartDOT Review


Have you ever wondered what could happen if you use your mobile phone or laptop continuously?

Have you ever thought about why your eyes strained after every online conferencing?

Well, these circumstances arose because unlike in the past we are more in touch with technology today.

Technology is what makes our lives more vulnerable today.

But there are some consequences as well, which have to face us collectively or even our generations as well.

Thus, it is generally hard to look away from these things. they are a part of day to day life now.

Above all, SmartDOT gives us a ray of hope.

The SmartDOT is a scientifically tested and proven tool to protect people from harmful electromagnetic radiation rays.

Hence, let’s have more details about this pheromone sticker.

What is SmartDot?

The SmartDOT is specially made to absorb or return harmful electromagnetic radioactive frequencies.

Thus, due to different frequencies, there are different kinds of problems as well.

Hence, in that matter, the SmartDOT is a sticker that saves the person from these harmful rays and helps their bodies to stay healthy as well.

In the 21st century era, the use of technology and scientific equipment is inevitable.

In modern times, people are more inclined towards mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Today, Almost everything runs through the internet and data reconfiguration itself. Although there are also several frequencies in the air around us, which directly or indirectly harms us.

Even Though we can’t even stay away from technology.

Further, SmartDOT is a form of sticker that is to keep at the phone cover’s back. SmartDOT comes under the form of a sticker.

This device returns electromagnetic rays that remain no longer harmful to the human body.

How Does SmartDOT Work?

SmartDOT works on a note to protect the individual from harmful radiation.

It’s a kind of secret that protects you from many unwanted and unknown health problems.

Being around with electromagnetic frequencies all the time can lead to several other problems such as headaches, anxiety, body pain, Irritation, sleep disturbance, and other carnival pains etc.

Although the procedure of using this sticker is way too easy. It doesn’t even entail much amount of time.

Hence, this is a product that should be own by everybody.

What Are The Features of SmartDOT?

Here is the list of some distinctive features of SmartDOT are mentioned below –

It is made up of high quality & safe material

These stickers are specially made up of high-quality products which are equally safe for its consumers. Eventually, they use premium quality products, which makes them more vulnerable.

It’s tiny with lightweight

These stickers are basically small in size which walks them down towards light-weighted products. They are easily movable. Moreover, once you have pasted it on the back of your phone cover then you don’t have to put it away.

There is no necessary upgrade required for it

As it is stated above that there is no need to snatch, throw and put it out from whatever device you have placed it. Thus, there is no necessary required upgrade required for it. So, the consumers can use it as per their needs.

SmartDOT is especially used to protect you from EMF

SmartDOT is especially used to protect you from harmful EMF. They are specially designed this way.

It easily goes with almost every device

There is a most beneficial factor of this sticker is that it easily gets fit into almost every device. Whether it is a laptop, tablet, or your personal mobile phone.

Define The Benefits of SmartDOT?

There are multiple benefits of SmartDOT are as follows –

  • SmartDOT is a sort of smart technology. It can be said as the technology within technology.
  • It is the most convenient, secure and efficient way to protect themselves from harmful electromagnetic frequencies.
  • It is also very sustainable and saves money and time for an individual.
  • It is also recognized as a smart device for smart users.

What Are The Main Pros & Cons of SmartDOT?

In the very concept of things, there are always some pros and cons of every concept.


  • Easy to use
  • Safe & Secure
  • Long-lasting, efficient and money saver
  • A convenient option for all
  • It ensures the sustainability


  • It doesn’t work sometimes
  • It has a low reach in the market for consumers.
  • They are somewhat expensive.

Explain the Specifications of SmartDOT

The SmartDOT contains multiple specifications on its own, which are mentioned below

  • Weight: 1 gram
  • Colour: White and Orange
  • Dimension: 34341 (millimeter)
  • Material: Magnetic Sheeting and Acrylic Vinyl
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Operating radius: 1 meter

How Can You Use SmartDOT?

There are a number of uses to SmartDOT.

Different people have different needs along with different perspectives as well.

These stickers are much more recommended for the children who are attending their online lectures during the pandemic.

SmartDOT Pricing

As of now, if you really get impressed by the ratings, reviews of SmartDOT and wondering to buy one for yourself. Then, there is a simple procedure involved for a sticker for yourself.

First, you can simply visit the company’s profile online and order a piece of product for yourself.

They also tend to give discounts to their very own consumers with free shipping.

Although if you’ll buy the products from frits party or from the official website then there is not a single chance fo any discrepancy.

Other than that if you’ll buy your very own SmartDOT from any other retailer or third party website.

Then it probably does not embarks the fruitful results as per the consumers choice.

Secondly, after selecting your product from the website. The manufacturer will ask you to make a payment for further recruitment.

Generally, the most accepted payment methods are Paypal, Credit cards, Debit cards, and Paytm as well.

Further, you can just simply pay for SmartDOT, which would be $19.99 only with some additional shipping and taxes.

Where To Buy The SmartDOT?

The SmartDOT sticker can be purchased very easily on online and offline platforms.

They are the most effective tool in today’s world.

In addition to this, the SmartDOT is available on Amazon itself.

So the interested consumers can buy their stickers from Amazon.


Concluding the whole above statement, after having a lot of advantages of SmartDOT stickers, they have also given the money-back guarantee and other privacy policies as well.

They also tend to give a number of offers, rewards and many other discounts as well to expound their markets.

Overall, the SmartDOT also got a unique product dimension as well. I.e. 1.34 x 1.34 x 0.04 inches with the 0.63 Ounces.

In addition to this, the manufactures of the SmartDOT are known as the energy dots.

They have also got good ratings over the online platforms as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do anti-radiation stickers work?

In most cases, the anti-radiation devices works. Moreover, according to the sources of the 2003 study, they have claimed that these devices are not very effective for reducing any sort of electromagnetic rays per se.

  • How does the SmartDOT work?

The SmartDOT gadgets are specially made to return or reduce electromagnetic frequencies. They should be pasted outside the phone’s cover. Consequently, then it gradually starts working. therefore, it maintains a human body healthy, they can feel less headache, anxiety, fewer cases of sleeplessness etc.

  • How do I block my phone from radiation?

There are certain ways by which you can just block your phone’s radiation are as follows

  • You should keep your phone aside while you’re sleeping.
  • You should always avoid using your phone when it has low signals specifically.
  • You should always keep your phone away from your body.
  • How far away should my phone be when I sleep?

It is very much obvious that a cell phone should always be kept away from you while you are asleep. other than that, it may cause several harmful impacts on the human body. in general, A mobile phone should be kept away to 3 feet away specifically.

  • Do AirPods give off EMF?

The answer for that particular is absolute yes. They do release harmful electromagnetic frequency radiation which is named radiofrequency radiation. Moreover, all the wireless devices do release this sort of radiation when there is the transfer of data specifically.

  • Is EMF bad for your health?

The electromagnetic fields are absolutely harmful to humans to their death itself. Although the focus of the international agencies is to find out whether these electromagnetic frequencies adversely lead to the stages of cancer per se. Above all, these frequencies directly or indirectly affect the human body.

  • Where do I stick an anti-radiation sticker?

The Anti-Radiations stickers should be stick back on the phone’s cover. As a matter of fact, the mobile phone antenna is usually at the top or at the right side. Thus, placing the striker at the back of the Mobile phone is just helps to reduce the 95% of radiation.

  • Does Gold protect radiation?

It’s an unknowing and rare fact that the gold actually protects the radiations. even though a thin layer of gold was used by astronauts to just protect them from infrared radiation specifically.

  • Does cell phones give off radiation?

Cells phones do release a low level of radiation while they are in use. Although according to the statement by the national cancer institute, “the constant use of mobile phones can increase their chances of getting cancer.”

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